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A Legal Defence Fund Was Set Up For Jauque Pauw for “The President’s Keepers”

- Featured article by LAWYERS-ONLINE.CO.ZA - February 2018

Jauque Pauw, journalist and author of the highly controversial book “The President’s Keepers” is facing large legal battles due to the claims and private information shared in his book. Media Monitoring Africa broadcasted that a legal defence fund has been set up for Jauque Pauw to fight the legal challenges over his book, and announced on its website that offers from the public had come in to assist the author and journalist with his legal battles.

The best-selling book contains controversial information about President Jacob Zuma, which has lead the State Security Agency and The South African Revenue Service to take legal action against Jauque Pauw. NB Publishers and Jauque Pauw have cooperated with the authorities but made it clear that they stand by the book and are prepared to defend it. Media Monitoring Africa stated that the legal defence fund was a crucial part of a campaign to protect the right to freedom of speech.

The Jauque Pauw case is just one example of freedom of speech rights. The law around these matters are extremely delicate. Our lawyers on lawyers-online can advise and assist with similar matters.


A Legal Defence Fund Was Set Up For Jauque Pauw for “The President’s Keepers”


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