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Lawyers - is a web based marketing broker and administrative resource for clients searching the web for legal related services. This department is a full division of SA Online, focused on increasing South Africans access to legal services through the web with an emphasis on prompt responses from Legal Services Providers.

We have a unique network of subscribed law firms which are privately owned companies all over Southern Africa, and offer the very best priced solution for marketing of web services. We generate client requests using advance SEO and PPC - the only netw ork of its kind in SA. We are not a directory.

Lawyers - helps clients by quickly putting them in contact with the most suitable Lawyer available on its network. Clients are able to get in touch with us via e - mail, online or via a chat program, which guarantees an instant response.

Since our inception in 2010, we have processed over 3000 requests and distributed well over 2500 leads. We service clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria, Gauteng; Durban, Kwa - Zulu Natal and Cape Town, Western Cape.

Services vary and are dictated by subscribed firms. Lawyers - attempts to cater for all major services as well as niche / specialist services. If however, we are unable to refer a request for a service because none of its subscribed firms cater for the requ est the client will be notified.

An overview of our services:

We cater for a wide variety of services and process between 5 - 20 requests daily. The types of requests differ from day to day.

Our top sought after services include Family law, ranging from divorce; matrimonial – including the assistance in drafting an ANC contracts and changing of matrimonial contracts; custody - fathers not being aware of their rights as biological fathers (of children born out of wedlock) and the procedure which is to be followed when wanting to apply for full custody; and maintenance - the amount of maintenance that can be claimed from the parent that does not have (full) custody of a child and trying to ensure that maintenance is paid after it has been made an order of court.

Other services include: labour - cases of unfair dismissal (CCMA ) , unfair labour practices, unfair and constructive dismissal cases; eviction - what process is to be followed / how to go about evicting someone and the rights of tenants who are being threatened with eviction; rescission of judgment; conveyancing; criminal, motor vehicle accident claims and i nsolvency and sequestration requests.

Our subscribed firms cater for a wide variety of services, some offering general services whilst others are specialists and offer unique services to clients who seek them, including fire - arm license applications; patent and trademarks; professional and medical negligence; arbitration; rent collections; domestic violence; sectional titles and servitudes.


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