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A Brief on Business Rescue

- Featured article by RADEMEYER ATTORNEYS

A (bright) light at the end of the tunnel

In today's competitive economy, many businesses are finding it difficult to stay afloat thus causing financial distress. Such financial distress may be caused by, for example, fewer goods being bought by customers, less need for services being rendered which affect the bottom line of the business or banks refusing to lend capital to assist in the running of a business. As a result of this distress often a business is not able to pay its debts as they become due and payable and the reasonable possibility ex ists that the business could be insolvent within a period of six months. For some, they may feel that there is no other option but to start liquidation proceedings.

The new Companies Act (Act 71 of 2008) has brought hope to these financially distressed businesses with the introduction of business rescue proceedings in terms of Chapter 6 thereof, by providing for the assistance of the rehabilitation of a company that is financially distressed.

This assistance could be in the form of:

  1. providing temporary supervision of the company;
  2. management of the affairs, business and property of the company;
  3. placing a temporary hold on the rights of claimants against the company or in respect of property in its possession; and
  4. the development and implementation of a plan to rescue the company by:
    • restructuring its affairs, business debt and liability;
    • maximizing the likelihood of the business continuing its existence; and
    • ensuring a better return for creditors other than that which would result if the business were to be liquidated.

Business rescue proceedings can be brought voluntarily or via an application to court. Each option has different requirements and time periods which need to be strictly adhered to.

RADEMEYER ATTORNEYS is able to provide further information as to the different options available under business rescue as well as the requirements involved. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices if you require any further information regarding the above.

RADEMEYER ATTORNEYS is an intellectual property firm that can assist you with all matters relating to patents, copyright, designs and trade marks as well as commercial law and litigation.

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Kristy West - Attorney
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A Brief on Business Rescue - Legal Information South Africa