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Child Custody Attorney

Child custody and the attorneys who specialise in this field, while commonly fighting for the long term care of a child, also aid other responsibilities. Such responsibilities may include drawing up visitation schedules, ensuring that both parents’ rights and responsibilities are met and evaluating what situation serves the child best. In cases where neglect, abuse or unfit circumstances are founded, as well as cases of parental death, the child custody attorney will evaluate a legal guardian whom will then be responsible for the care of the child. A legal guardian ultimately takes over the rights and responsibilities of the parents. In some instances a foster situation will be set up temporarily until such a time in which one or both parents can properly care for the child and meet the appropriate criteria as set out in the Children’s Act of South Africa. With that said, a child custody attorney acts in the best interests of the child or children at all times. If you are facing a custody dispute, consult a child custody attorney.

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