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Class Action for Listeriosis Victims

- Featured article by LAWYERS-ONLINE.CO.ZA - March 2018

South Africa is relieved to have discoved that the source of the listeriosis outbreak is linked to the Enterprise factory in Polokwane. Food stores have recalled all products manufactured by the Enterprise factory and offered full refunds to their consumers.

However, while further contamination and outbreaks are gaurded against, listeriosis victims and the families of the deceased victims want to know how the factory responsible will be held accountable.

Attorneys are debating a class action lawsuit.
"A class action law suit is one in which a group of people with the same or similar injuries caused by the same product or action sue the defendant as a group."
This is also referred to as "mass delict litigation" and "multi district litigation"

For a class action lawsuit to take place it must first be proven that there was negligence on the part of the manufacturer.

Food inspectors have informed that the factory in Polokwane did not uphold adequate testing and safety measures for the type of food manufactured at the Enterprise factory. However, Enterprise maintans that proper testing and protocol was adhered to.

Should a class action lawsuit materialise, it could be one of the biggest South Africa has seen and can accumulate to millions compensated to listeriosis victims and the families of deceased victims.

With that said, the amounts compensated to each person or family will depend on the specifics of each individual case.

If the deadly bacteria claimed the life of a breadwinner, the compensation will differ to that of one who has recovered from the illness but incurred masive medical costs.

For more information about class action lawsuits and public liability insurance, please contact us for assistance. We can help.

Class Action for Listeriosis Victims - Legal Information South Africa