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Can we afford to pay e - tolls? Can we afford NOT to?

After many debates and discussions, the bill was signed into law by President Jacob Zuma.

While there are many who are still protesting and expressing their anger, there are hundreds who have already purchased their e - tags after being offered discount and were threatened with criminal sanctions for the failure to do so.

The proposed legislation suggests 6 months imprisonment and / or a civil fine of R1500.00. It gives SANRAL the choice to decide whether to pursue criminally or civil charges.

Organisations have urged motorist not to purchase the tags, telling them that the battle is far from over but according to a decision by the Supreme Court of Appeal, the decision to launch e - tolling would not be reversed.

The proposed legislation states that the new maximum amount is R450.00 per month with the user discount. It is however, subject to change.

It is now a matter of time before motorists accept the reality. There were warnings issued that should they not purchase the tags, they would pay more. Alternatives provided were that they could either make use of public transport or find alternative roads to travel on.

One of the unanswered questions being asked is, “how is it that we pay fuel levies, licence fees and renew our driving licence/professional driving permit, pay toll fees on certain roads/tunnels and there is still not enough money for road upgrades?”

There is a Facebook page - Against E - Toll which already has 12977 likes .

Date: 17th October 2013

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