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This is your FIRST STEP if you are looking for legal or professional support. We:

  • Guarantee a response within 1 working hour,
  • Are uncomplicated, friendly and professional,
  • Our fees are sensitive to the South African economy,
  • Have a team of professionals in all major Cities,
  • Function with integrity, attention to detail and are objective driven,
  • Use technology, innovation and internal processes to streamline your experience,
  • Strive to improve the sector we operate in.



In our ‘team’ we have Legal Practitioners (Lawyers & Attorneys) and other Professionals who offer parallel solutions. Our website menu items LEGAL PRACTITIONERS and OTHER PROFESSIONALS offer a summary of services and will help you decide which type of service provider to use. Please review both pages. Afterwards, if you are still not sure who to use please ask for guidance using the Immediate Action Form on the Contacts Page.



For free services you could engage with an organization such as or visit for free information. Depending on your issue any of the following organizations might be appropriate and mandated to help for free:

  • The National Consumer Commission,
  • CGSO,
  • CCMA,
  • Housing Tribunal,
  • For insurance or banking issues, you should contact the appropriate ombudsman.

If you are looking to hire a Professional we guarantee that the fees quoted will be reasonable and you will not be charged anything until you have accepted a quote or entered into an engagement letter. Payment options will be communicated and might include hourly, per project, fixed rate or retainer. See a Cost Guideline HERE. The use of a Legal Practitioner or Court should be engaged with only once you have exhausted all amicable and free options, or if the matter at hand needs legal guidance and an expert to expedite a solution.


An E-Consult is an effective way to receive expedited support for select, once off or ad hoc matters. Please visit the menu item for more information on this process. CLICK HERE



South African Working days. No public holidays.

  • Monday-Thursday from 09h00-13h00 and 14h00-16h00.
  • Friday 09h00-13h00.



It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

- Featured article by LAWYERS-ONLINE.CO.ZA - June 2019

Does it feel as though finding the right lawyer for you will be a mammoth task?

You’re probably wondering where to start, or even what to look for in a good lawyer.

We know how confusing legal terminology can be, and that’s only when looking for the right lawyer in the right field, let alone understanding statutes, contracts and legal processes.

That’s why our service exists – to help you navigate and understand the process of finding the right legal representation for you. We have access to attorneys covering everything from criminal to civil law and every nuanced field in between. In fact here are just a few legal fields we can assist with:

  • Medical Negligence Law
  • Commercial law
  • Conveyancing
  • Litigation
  • Road Accident Funds claims
  • Labour Law
  • Matrimonial law
  • Divorce Law
  • Personal injury law
  • Sequestration and insolvency

Not only that, but we operate in all major cities including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. No matter your location or your problem, we can assist you with accessing legal representation as fast as possible. In fact, we respond to queries within 60-minutes!

So, how does it work?

  • Simply submit a request using our two-step process. Via any of these options:

    Whatsapp or phone: 072 847 6416
    Facebook Message:
    Online Form:

  • Thereafter you will be contacted e-mail or SMS. This will include the details of the law firm recommended to you
  • Note that these firms are recommended using a system that matches clients based on the merits and location of each case
  • Once you have all the details, simply wait for your assigned lawyer / attorney to contact you and begin the process of establishing legal representation and discussing fees

It really is that easy to find the right lawyer for you, so why not reach out today?

It Doesnt Have to be Complicated - Legal Information South Africa