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Liquor License Application

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Obtaining a liquor license

By law, if you sell liquor, a liquor license is required. Failing to do so is a criminal offence and the penalties are severe.

The word “sell” is defined in terms of the prevailing liquor legislation as “supply, exchange, offer for sale, display, deliver, supply or dispose of for sale or authorise, direct or allow a sale.

Any person who is not disqualified in terms of current liquor legislation may apply for a liquor license . Disqualified persons are: persons who served a prison sentence without the opt ion of a fine in the preceding 10 years; unrehabilitated insolvents; and minors.

An application for a new Liquor Licence must be made to the Western Cape Liquor Authority by submitting on every last Friday of the calendar month to the Board as well as to the designated Liquor Officer in whose area of jurisdiction the proposed licenced premises are located, documents such as the following: prescribed application form, duly completed, signed and commissioned; a zoning certificate by the municipality in which jurisdiction the premises lies, stating that the intended use of the property is in order; where necessary, a copy of a planning application submitted to the municipality concerned in terms of the applicable zoning scheme regulations; a plan of the premises; a site plan; description of the premises; colour photographs; presentations in support of the application; proof of notice in terms of Section 37(2) of the Act (Notice affixed at the premises for a specific period in a prescribed manner); proof of right of occupation of the premises such as Title Deed or Lease Agreement; proof of Identity Documents or registration of applicants or members / shareholders of the legal entity; and proof of payment of the required fees to the Liquor Authority.

Date: 20th January 2014
Legislation: Liquor Act, 27 of 1989 Western Cape Liquor Act , No 4 of 2008

24-Hour Bail Applications at Police Stations and Process

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