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Matric Examinations 2018

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What was expected from learners – were they well prepared and equipped for their final examinations this year ?

According to examination authorities, the drama pupils that were upset / offended by a question relating to baby rape in a matric exam paper, were simply ill - prepared.

The exam question – that asked pupils how best to dramatically represent the rape of a baby, symbolically using a loaf of bread and a broomstick - was based on Lara Foot Newton's play Tshepang , based on real events.

It was well within the prescripts of the curriculum. However, the Basic Education Department was considering removing the question.

"That some learners by implication were offended by the question means the outcomes of the subject were not achieved," said spokesperson Lucky Ditaunyane said in a statement. He also added that “the exam que stion was about how a social issue could be made theatrically engaging,”

It was stated that the purpose of the question was to assess pupils' understanding of an "action metaphor".

The department believed that matric pupils, as young adults, were aware of South African social issues or at least should be.

The question was thought to be valid and fair because the rape of babies is a relevant societal issue.

In 2001, 9 - month - old Tshepang was brutally raped by her teenage mother’s ex - boyfriend, who was sentenced to life in prison. She was adopted when she left the hospital after reconstruction surgery.

Date: 11th December 2013

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