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This is your FIRST STEP if you are looking for legal or professional support. We:

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  • Our fees are sensitive to the South African economy,
  • Have a team of professionals in all major Cities,
  • Function with integrity, attention to detail and are objective driven,
  • Use technology, innovation and internal processes to streamline your experience,
  • Strive to improve the sector we operate in.



In our ‘team’ we have Legal Practitioners (Lawyers & Attorneys) and other Professionals who offer parallel solutions. Our website menu items LEGAL PRACTITIONERS and OTHER PROFESSIONALS offer a summary of services and will help you decide which type of service provider to use. Please review both pages. Afterwards, if you are still not sure who to use please ask for guidance using the Immediate Action Form on the Contacts Page.



For free services you could engage with an organization such as or visit for free information. Depending on your issue any of the following organizations might be appropriate and mandated to help for free:

  • The National Consumer Commission,
  • CGSO,
  • CCMA,
  • Housing Tribunal,
  • For insurance or banking issues, you should contact the appropriate ombudsman.

If you are looking to hire a Professional we guarantee that the fees quoted will be reasonable and you will not be charged anything until you have accepted a quote or entered into an engagement letter. Payment options will be communicated and might include hourly, per project, fixed rate or retainer. See a Cost Guideline HERE. The use of a Legal Practitioner or Court should be engaged with only once you have exhausted all amicable and free options, or if the matter at hand needs legal guidance and an expert to expedite a solution.


An E-Consult is an effective way to receive expedited support for select, once off or ad hoc matters. Please visit the menu item for more information on this process. CLICK HERE



South African Working days. No public holidays.

  • Monday-Thursday from 09h00-13h00 and 14h00-16h00.
  • Friday 09h00-13h00.



Myths About Legal Action

- Featured article by LAWYERS-ONLINE.CO.ZA

Not everything you hear abo ut taking legal action is true. Know the facts.

Choosing whether to pursue a matter or walk away is never an easy decision.

The first and most common myth - legal action is expensive: Sometimes all that is needed is one consultation with an attorney, giving you a reality check of the facts at hand. If further steps are necessary, the starting and ending point could be as easy as a letter of demand.

Most debtors fear this, and, if they are by the means, will pay as soon as they receive one. This is not costly. There may be other ways to resolve an issue without litigation.

One has to weigh up the costs first. If the debt is under R5000.00, then perhaps walking away would be the better option. The legal fees involved in claiming your back should not exceed the amount owed – that would be a losing battle either way.

The second myth - taking legal action is pointless. We live in a country where corruption is rife. While many of us feel that the justice system fails us on a daily basis, there is hope.

South Africa's courts have a reputation of being fiercely independent and professional, giving well - considered judgements without fear or favour – this has been proven time and time again.

The third myth – legal action is only worth pursuing if you have the evidence, in writing that is: True? Not always. One can rely on oral evidence. Just because it’s not in black and white, does not mean you don’t have a case. There are other aspects to consider as well.

Choose your battles wisely.

Date: 1st November 2013

Myths About Legal Action - Legal Information South Africa