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Anene Booysen: Will justice be served

- Featured article by LAWYERS-ONLINE.CO.ZA

State seeks maximum imprisonment of life sentence

According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the state will seek a life sentence for Johannes Kana. They are also welcoming his conviction on charges of both rape and murder in the Swellendam Circuit Court in the Overberg region .

It would have been Anene’s 18th Birthday this coming Wednesday and that’s when sentencing is expected. Justice is being sought, not just for Anene, but for her friends, family, the community of Bredasdorp and for all every woman who has fallen victim to rape and / or murder.

This case made international headlines because of the brutality and mutilation of this 17 year old victim. It also triggered a public outcry by women's rights groups and members of the public throughout the country and also worldwide.

Booysen was victim of a terrible tragedy – she was raped, beaten and disembowelled then left to die on a construction site on February, 2nd , 2013 and died later that day in hospital.

Even though Anene has named one of her attackers in hospital, there was not enough evidence to link the some 5 or 6 males that were alleged to have attacked her. Johannes however was seen with Anene outside a Bredasdorp pub. Initially three men were arrested in connection with the attack on Annene, but two of them were later released due to insufficient evidence. In addition, one of them had an alibi for the morning of the rape and murder.

Judge Goliath highlighted an oversight by police for not properly informing Kana of his rights and that Johannes was not told evidence collected would be used against him.

‘The court has to look at totality of the evidence and ask 'has the accused's guilt been proven beyond reasonable doubt?', says Judge Goliath.

The one question remains: what about the others the teenager claims attacked her?

Date: 30th October 2013

Will Justice Be Served - Legal Information South Africa